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Beef Dry-Aged Prime Rib

Beef Dry-Aged Prime Rib

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Prepare to savour the pinnacle of beef perfection with our Dry Aged Prime Rib. This South African treasure is a tribute to the art of aging, marbling, and culinary excellence.

Hand-selected from the finest South African ranches, our Prime Rib is aged to sublime tenderness and marbled to perfection. Each succulent slice offers an explosion of rich, beefy flavour that is the hallmark of a dry-aged masterpiece.

Roast it to unleash the divine aroma and caramelized crust, revealing the juicy, medium-rare interior. The Dry Aged Prime Rib isn't just a steak; it's a celebration of South African culinary heritage and an unforgettable experience for your taste buds. Prepare to be enthralled by the opulent, nuanced taste of this extraordinary cut, where quality and craftsmanship unite in a symphony of flavour.

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