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A customer's trust is always a must. Don't just take our word on how good our meat is. See what our favourite fans are saying.

  • "My meat box was superb - I am very impressed and somewhat hooked. That boerie was proper and I’d like to order some more."

    Clayton B, JHB

  • "What a quality selection of meats, mate! Every piece was delicious and the whole family was seriously impressed!"

    Chris D, JHB

  • "The meat is cut and packed beautifully. The quality is truly great and I will definitely be ordering again and again."

    Anne O, JHB

  • "The meat that I received was absolutely sublime. If you're looking for good meat, look no further guys. Wow."

    Frankie B, Sandton

  • "When I get my pro-card at the end of the year, its going to be all because of SaltBru."

    Dylan P, JHB

  • "Bro, the flavour of the meat was completely distinguishable! Super tasty."

    Daniel W, JHB

  • "Tucked into those fillets. The meat is unbelievable quality and value."

    Dan C. JHB

  • "The fillet was absolutely delicious and a great size for a decent braai.

    10 out of 10."

    Philip R, JHB

  • "Unreal Beef!! These T-Bones were tasty, juicy and braai'd to perfection with just salt and pepper on a super hot fire for 7-10 minutes. Thanks for the advice!"

    Dejan Z, JHB

  • "Just recieved the order, very efficient. Thanks so much."

    Sebastian W

  • "This service that you guys are providing is just absolutely amazing, you have no idea how much I'm hyping you guys up. It's so f#cking worth it thank you!"

    Charne B

  • "The meat was amazing to cook with and just fell apart like little bit of heaven. Flavours came through nicely and I would gladly recommend it to anyone!"

    Gill D, JHB

  • "The rib eye and mince were insane. Great quality meat."

    Marco S, Morningside

  • "The lamb was unbelievable,

    everyone really enjoyed it!''

    Jaden H

  • It was amazing thank you! Everyone loved it. The marinade was delicious!

    Kayla B

  • "Tucked into those fillets.  The meat is un-f$cking believable quality and value."

    Dan C

  • I had those chicken espetada’s again yesterday, delicious!

    Andre DP

  • “This is the most stylish way I’ve ever received my meat.”

    Mark S

  • "Your meat was amazing and very tasty!"

    Warren B

  • “SaltBru meat is totes bevok, so thank you!”

    Chris D

  • ''The lamb was unbelievable, everyone really enjoyed it!"

    Jaden H

  • They were so good holy sh%t!

    Ross J

  • Ribs were unreal, chops also!

    Marco S

  • "Bru, made one of those fillets. It was mental, and so

    Brandon G

  • "The meat looks incredible as usual. Thank you all for the awesome meat!"

    Lisa M, JHB

  • "The rib eye and mince were insane. Great quality meat."

    Marco S

    Marco S

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