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SaltBru is your trusted meat distributor, butcher and curator of fine artisan cuts. Whether you're a braai enthusiast or just a lover of good meat, we hand-select for quality and bring the best of what Mzanzi has to offer to your doorstep.

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Customer Reviews

  • "This service that you guys are providing is just absolutely amazing, you have no idea how much I'm hyping you guys up. It's so f#cking worth it
    thank you!"

    Charne B

  • The wings were magnificent bro, they are insane. They were
    juicy, meaty, and delicious. The barbeque sauce is so good!

    Matthew S

  • "Unreal Beef!! These T-Bones were tasty, juicy and braai'd to perfection with just salt and pepper on a super hot fire for 7-10 minutes.

    Thanks for the advice!"

    Dejan Z, JHB

  • "The meat was amazing to cook with and just fell apart like little bit of heaven. Flavours came through nicely and I would gladly recommend it to anyone!

    Gill D, JHB

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