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Rump Boerewors

Rump Boerewors

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Indulge in a fusion of traditional and gourmet South African flavours with our Rump Boerewors. This unique sausage is a celebration of the essence of South African culinary heritage.

Handcrafted with the finest South African rump steak and a secret blend of spices, our Boerewors is a delicious twist on a beloved classic. Each bite reveals the rich, meaty character of the rump steak, perfectly complemented by the aromatic spices.

Perfect for grilling, roasting, or adding to your favourite dishes, this sausage is a versatile and luxurious choice. Embrace the soul of South African cooking and enjoy the symphony of taste that is the Rump Boerewors, where tradition meets gourmet to deliver a mouthwatering experience that's truly unique.

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